Anna Maria Island Fishing Report September 25, 2014


Lower water temps, bite improving

If you haven’t noticed, or haven’t been on the water lately, water temps are beginning to fall. Not drastically, but just enough to trigger a migration in our local, inshore species of fish. Schooling redfish are being found throughout our region. Breeder-size trout are moving from the Gulf beaches back to the flats to forage on baitfish and shrimp — and snook are finally showing in numbers in our bays and bayous in preparation for their migration to find warm water for the winter.

In the upcoming weeks, we should see a steady incline in numbers of fish in the backcountry. Baitfish such as shiner and Spanish sardines are abundant around the passes, on the flats and even in the Manatee River. This means its time for the fall forage. Reds, snook and trout are gearing up to begin fattening up for the winter. Which for us will provide some of the year’s beach backwater fishing.