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Anna Maria Island Fishing Reports from Captain Danny Stasny.

Plan excursions to avoid rain, heat for fishing success

Fishing in September around Anna Maria Island can be quite productive despite a variety of weather extremes. Anglers willing to toss the dice can be rewarded with some exceptional fishing.  It’s typically really hot and humid in September, and when it’s not, that means it’s raining. But, if you can find a window of opportunity […]

Venture north for clean water and fishing success

With the waters of Tampa Bay starting to be clear of red tide, most anglers from Anna Maria Island are venturing to the north in search of some action.  Unfortunately, the waters of Sarasota Bay are not proving to be as fortunate. Red tide blooms from the south are slowly creeping up the Intracoastal Waterway […]

Avoid thunderstorm storms, red tide for fishing success

With a combination of numerous thunderstorms and toxic levels of red tide present in our local waters, finding a window of opportunity to go fishing around Anna Maria Island is proving to be challenging at best.  But, don’t be discouraged.  The rains will subside, and, as for the red tide you’ll just need to search […]

Red tide to the north and south, fishing around Anna Maria Island productive

Although red tide still lingers in Tampa Bay to the north and Sarasota Bay to the south, the waters in the immediate area of Anna Maria Island remain fishable.  The waters around Bean Point, Passage and Egmont keys are mostly clear, which is providing sanctuary for numerous fish fleeing red tide. The waters of Terra […]

Red tide looms to the north and south, clean water a must for fishing success

Fishing around Anna Maria Island is sporadic at best while the black cloud of red tide looms to our north and south.  With reports of toxic levels of red tide to the south of Anna Maria Island and toxic levels to our north in Tampa Bay, putting a good bite together is challenging at best.  […]

Hurricane Elsa passes, time to target mangrove snapper

Now that Anna Maria Island has dodged another bullet — this one being hurricane Elsa — it’s time to get back on the water and do some fishing.  It’ll probably take a few days for the waters to settle and become clear again, which can make fishing challenging, but with a little know-how and some […]

Keep an eye on the radar to avoid morning and afternoon storms

Fishing around Anna Maria Island remains steady, although dodging the frequent thunderstorms is making access to the water a toss-up.  Most morning are proving to be clear of rain, which is providing a window to get out and attempt to do some fishing.  Afternoon fishing is slightly different as large thunderstorms move west after building […]