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Anna Maria Island Fishing Reports from Captain Danny Stasny.

Avoid wind, stay warm, find fish near docks and canals 

With slightly cooler temperatures and numerous breezy days, Anna Maria anglers are finding themselves staying inshore to target flats-dwelling species such as redfish and spotted seatrout. Other inshore species such as pompano, black drum and sheepshead move into the crosshairs.  Live shrimp are the primary bait in these conditions and are a favorite food for […]

Get out an enjoy the spring-time fishing conditions before winter settles in

Although it is the middle of January, fishing around Anna Maria Island is resembling springtime fishing for yet another week.  Many anglers are still using live shiners as bait to target flats dwelling species such as snook, redfish and spotted seatrout. And with the water temps hovering in the low 70s, these fish are responding […]

New year, cooler weather, different tactics for fishing success

Those lucky enough to fish around Anna Maria Island over the Christmas break can attest that the water temps and warm weather resembled more of a springtime bite than a wintertime bite.  Many anglers using live shiners as bait were catching respectable numbers of snook, redfish and trout. And, those using live shrimp as bait […]

Warm weather persists, fog requires precautions for safety

With numerous days of warm weather, fishers are enjoying great fishing conditions while on the water.  Although we’re in the middle of December, temperatures are reaching the high 70s to low 80s which is allowing a window of opportunity to achieve some good inshore fishing before the winter finally settles in.  Using live shiners as […]

Switch to shrimp as bait as water temps drop 

With the frequency and intensity of cold fronts sweeping over Anna Maria Island, inshore fishers are relying on live shrimp as bait to find success on the water.  Species such as sheepshead, black drum, redfish and pompano are becoming more apparent in the back country and are readily taking live shrimp offerings as the water […]

Plan excursions to avoid rain, heat for fishing success

Fishing in September around Anna Maria Island can be quite productive despite a variety of weather extremes. Anglers willing to toss the dice can be rewarded with some exceptional fishing.  It’s typically really hot and humid in September, and when it’s not, that means it’s raining. But, if you can find a window of opportunity […]

Venture north for clean water and fishing success

With the waters of Tampa Bay starting to be clear of red tide, most anglers from Anna Maria Island are venturing to the north in search of some action.  Unfortunately, the waters of Sarasota Bay are not proving to be as fortunate. Red tide blooms from the south are slowly creeping up the Intracoastal Waterway […]