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Anna Maria Island Fishing Reports from Captain Danny Stasny.

Progressing through fall, migratory species invade local waters

As we move through fall, it’s time to start fishing in the Gulf of Mexico for migratory species. Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, bonito and a variety of sharks can be found within a couple miles from shore. Be on the lookout for bait schools, shorebirds diving, and some large disturbances on the surface of the […]

Fall is in the air and the fish are biting

A taste of fall is in the air. Or should I say in the water? Fishing along the beaches of Anna Maria Island is host to some great fall fishing during the months of October and November. The fishing highlight is the abundance of migratory species —Spanish mackerel, kingfish, bonita and sharks. Vast amounts of […]

Fall fishing is right around the corner

With vast amounts of baitfish gathering along the beaches of Anna Maria Island, throughout Tampa Bay and its adjacent waters, fall fishing is right around the corner. As we begin to experience these cold fronts, both inshore and offshore species are starting to become active. Throughout the inshore waters of Tampa Bay, Spanish mackerel are […]

Inshore, offshore hookups remain hot despite cooler temperatures

With morning air temps in the mid 70s, fishing around Anna Maria Island is getting better as we progress through fall. Water temps are falling in the mid-70s, too, which is really getting a lot of the inshore species — snook, redfish and trout — to start feeding heavily. With an abundance of bait schools […]

Wait out frequent rainstorms to be rewarded with hookups

If you’re planning a backcountry fishing trip in the waters surrounding Anna Maria Island during the month of September, you’ll probably want to bring a raincoat. In fact, some slickers might come in handy, too. With frequent pop-up thunderstorms you never know when you’re going to get wet. And, they will most likely occur right […]

Afternoon storms flush the catch-and-release trio out of the river and to the hook

With numerous days of afternoon thunderstorms, fishing around Anna Maria Island remains consistent for yet another week despite the fresh water draining out of the Manatee River. The fresh water is pushing catch-and-release species —trout redfish and snook — into Anna Maria Sound. Patrolling these areas around the mouth of the river is advantageous in […]

Pick your days to fish to find success

 Inshore fishing around Anna Maria Island is following its typical summertime pattern.  Early morning fishing on the flats is proving to be worthwhile for catch-and-release species such as snook and redfish.  I think picking your days to fish key in finding success. Try to pick days when there are swift moving tides, corresponding with low […]

Use radar to avoid the rain and a fish finder to get hooked up

 With the recent frequency of rain storms moving from the Gulf of Mexico, anglers are having to keep their eye on the sky while fishing around Anna Maria Island.  Although most incidents are nothing more than brief showers, some are proving to be slightly more powerful. These larger showers can quickly turn into torrential down […]

Head out on the water to socially distance and hook up with a variety of fish

Amidst the dark cloud over our heads called COVID-19, many visitors and locals are finding the best place to be is out on the water surrounding Anna Maria Island.  What better way to stay away from the crowds than a peaceful morning of fishing in the clear waters of Tampa Bay and beyond? Fishing the […]

Timing is everything when targeting fish 

 With air temps in the high 80s to low 90s and water temps to match, fishing remains consistent around Anna Maria Island. You just need to time it right.  Try to find good flowing tides during around sunrise to maximize your chances of having a successful fishing trip. With water temps and air temps slightly […]