Fishing Report June 12, 2016

Tropical Storm Collin dampens fishing action

In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Collin, Anna Maria fishers are still managing to catch some fish. I’m not saying the fishing is as good as normal, but with a little persistence and a little knowledge, having a successful day on the water is still attainable.

Fishing inshore on the flats is going to be tough for a week or so due to the water being so stirred up from the winds and rain. You may find your favorite spots aren’t producing like they normally do. Well, give the water some time to clean itself up and you should notice the fish falling back into their summertime patterns. If patience isn’t your thing, you may want to try moving from the flats out into the Gulf of Mexico. Cleaner, clearer water is present out there in the Gulf where mangrove snapper and grouper can be caught. And what’s wrong with catching them? You’ll probably also come across Spanish mackerel, shark and if you’re lucky, a cobia or two.

So, rather than cancel your weekend of fishing to stay home and do chores, try venturing out to the reefs and wrecks for some great action on some reef fish.