Fishing Report June 26, 2016

Recent fishing action as hot as recent temperatures

Despite temperatures steadily hovering in the 90s this week, plenty of anglers are on the water in search of a bite. Early morning or evening fishing is becoming a popular idea since these times tend to be slightly cooler than “high noon.”

Fishing the flats for catch-and-release snook is still a good bet, especially right before and after sunrise. The beaches are also good, although wait until the sun gets up a little so you can see into the water. Sight-casting to beach snook can become addicting to avid snook fishers. Generally, if you’re in the right spot, seeing 50 or more snook in a morning is not uncommon. Notice I said seeing, not catching. Free-lined live shiners are the bait of choice.

Reef and wreck fishing around the inshore and nearshore stuff is proving to be working the time to do. Flounder are making their presence know. On my recent charters with Southernaire Fishing Charters, we’re catching flounder up to 22-inches with many in the 18-inch range.

Finally, tarpon fishing is still worth a look-see although skill and luck are major players now. The numbers of fish are coming less, which means more work for the tarpon angler.