Fishing Report November 27, 2016

Cold fronts don’t cool down red hot fishing around Anna Maria

Fishing around Anna Maria Island with Just Reel fishing charters remains fairly consistent despite the recent cold front just prior to Thanksgiving.

 A couple of nights with air temps in the mid-50s has had an impact on fishing, although anglers with a little knowledge and a lot of patience are still managing to find a bite.

Using live shiners as bait is working well for fish such as spotted seatrout. Trout seem to be less affected by water temps in the low 60s which makes them a perfect target during the cooler months to come. I’m finding the bite to be slightly better during afternoon tides when the water has had a chance to warm up a degree or two. Slot and over-slot fish are being taken by fishing live shiners under a cork.

Snook fishing is becoming slightly challenging. I’m seeing plenty of snook, but getting them to bite is a different story. Waiting until late afternoon when shallow flats are reaching their warmest temps is your best bet. Again, live shiners are the best bait, although a hand-picked size shrimp will also produce a bite.

Speaking of shrimp, live shrimp cast under residential docks are producing redfish and black drum. I’m using a 1/2-ounce knocker rig with a 2/0 circle hook combined with a live shrimp. This rig is easy to cast with accuracy and keeps the shrimp securely on the bottom where the reds and black drum are dwelling.