Fishing Report January 10, 2018

Weather cools off fishing action for area anglers

Due to the recent arctic blast we experienced to start off 2018, there’s really not a lot to report.

With temperatures and chill factor ranging from the 30s to the 50s, most anglers in our area are staying indoors, rather than venturing out looking for a bite.

I did manage to see quite a few mullet fishermen braving the harsh cold and windy conditions, casting their nets around a big pay check. As for the recreational anglers, this week was a good week to take a break, and get the gear fine-tuned.

I pulled my boat out of the water and trailered it home for some needed TLC and maintenance.

But, I’ll tell you, staying away from the water for too long never sits will with me.

The cold weather sent me off to walk some of the local piers, checking out the action closer to. On one occasion, I ran into a buddy of mine, Jesse Ferguson. He had the week off from work and was determined to fish no matter what the weatherman had in store. And, sure enough, it paid off for him. As I said “Hi” to him, I glanced over the edge of the pier only to see his stringer filled with sheepshead and a hefty redfish. Just goes to show what a little local knowledge and determination can do for you. Good job, Jesse.