Move to clean water to avoid red tide, find success

Although red tide is still present in our local waters, fishing around Anna Maria Island may hold a few surprises for anglers with a little perseverance and luck.

For those who have fished in these conditions before know that if you can find clean water you’re most likely going to find fish. Many species of fish will migrate or move from area when they sense the red tide to find cleaner water. If you do the same, chances are you’re going to find success.

In my past experiences with red tide fishing, I have found that the fishing can be quite good. The reasoning for this is simple. Find clean water and you’ll find fish. Suring red tides I have fished areas where typically I’s see 10-20 snook. But as a result of the red tide, numerous other snook have gravitated to the area which means there could be 50-60 snook there. Makes for some good fishing, huh.

The same applies for other species — redfish, trout, mackerel and snapper — finding clean water could yield high quantities of all of these species. They have to go somewhere and if you can find them, it’s game on.

This being said, don’t be discouraged when periods of red tide occur. There typically is fishing to be done as long as you do your homework — find the clean water.