Fishing Report November 18, 2020

Hurricane ETA dampens fishing a few days, then business as usual

First let me start by saying that I hope everyone fared well during the tropical development we experienced last week.

Now that all the chores of cleaning up debris in the yard are finished, it’s time to get back on the water — there is plenty to do and much to catch!

Whether you fish inshore on the flats or offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, the bite is quite good.

Catch-and-release action on the inshore trio — snook, redfish and trout — is really going to fire off as we experience a new cold front. These fish are already feeding heavily trying to pack on the pounds for winter. Which means this next cold spell should finalize the deal — triggering them to gorge themselves one last time before winter.

Migratory fish — kingfish, mackerel and bonito — are feeding heavily along the Gulf beaches. With vast amounts of bait present, these fish will remain in the area. As the bait leaves, you’ll notice these fish will, too, as they follow the bait south and offshore.

Fishing offshore is yielding similar results — there are plenty of migratory species present. You can add cobia to the list, as well as bottom fishing offshore for mangrove snapper and gag grouper.