Fishing Report August 4, 2021

Red tide in local waters creates inconsistent bite

Fishing around Anna Maria Island is seeing its good days and its bad days.

With blooms of red tide still erupting in waters north and south of Anna Maria, finding any consistency when it comes to fishing is becoming quite challenging. Finding areas where there is no red tide is key to finding a bite. And, many times, even the fish in these areas can be quite finicky. 

If you choose to fish during these conditions, I’d plan on burning some gas during these conditions, as you may be moving the boat quite frequently.

While fishing inshore you’ll want to bring some patience with you as you may experience the bite to be a little challenging. Targeting catch-and-release species — snook, redfish and trout — is attainable, although be prepared for a slower bite. Mangrove snapper and Spanish mackerel might be a better choice to target as these fish seem to be slightly more cooperative.

Better fishing is occurring offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. The red tide bloom we are experiencing is an inshore bloom, which means the waters offshore are not being affected. In fact, the bite offshore is flourishing. 

American red snapper are being caught frequently, as well as many red and gag grouper. Yellowtail and mangrove snapper are also a good bet. Lastly, numerous sharks are on patrol while offshore. Although the sharks can be a nuisance at times, they are also quite sporty went on the end of your lure.