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Fishing Report May 21, 2017

Fishing inshore and near as hot as recent temperatures With summer like temperatures finally settling in, the fishing is heating up much like the weather. Fishing the flats for redfish, spotted seatrout and catch-and-release snook is in full swing. You can also start finding snook in the passes and along the beaches during calm mornings […]

Fishing Report May 7, 2017

May brings hot temps and hot fishing action inshore and nearshore Fishing around Anna Maria Island is heating up as we slide into the month of May. The anticipation of the elusive silver king is the buzz among most of our local anglers. A few tarpon sightings along the beaches are being reported. I’m seeing […]

Fishing Report April 16, 2017

Clear waters, perfect weather, tough fishing   Although the weather is beautiful and the waters are clear, fishing around Anna Maria Island is slightly challenging at the moment. Some blame it on the last cold front we experienced, others blame it on the full moon. Well, whatever it is, the fishing is tough. That being […]

Fishing Report April 9, 2017

Winds don’t stop steady fishing action   With the winds blowing up to 25 mph for what seems like an eternity, fishing around Anna Maria Island is maintaining a steady bite for those of us who are determined or just don’t know any better. Spotted seatrout are being found in respectable numbers throughout the flats […]

Fishing Report April 5, 2015

  No more cold fronts — please   Water temps are on the rise once again, and, once again, the bite is improving. Last week’s water temps fell into the mid 60s after the cold front, which kind of put a damper on the bite — especially the snook bite. But, don’t fret, water temps […]

Fishing Report March 22, 2015

  No (spring) break for hot fishing action on snook, redfish and trout Springtime fishing around Anna Maria Island is in full swing. Both back country and migratory species are being caught with regularity. On the flats, snook and redfish are devouring baits such as shiners and pinfish. Throughout southern Tampa Bay, migratory fish such […]

Fishing Report February 22, 2015

Hold out — fishing will improve will with warmer weather Wintertime fishing around Anna Maria Island remains dependent on the frequent of cold fronts sweeping down from the north. Although water temps are hovering between 57-60 degrees there is still a bite to be found. That is if the winds permit it. On days with […]

Fishing Report February 15, 2015

  Wintertime Bite Settles in The wintertime bite around Anna Maria Island is settling in with a cast of the usual suspects we expect to see and catch for this time of year. Sheepshead are beginning to congregate around the Rod & Reel Pier, which is a sure sign that they are beginning their spawn. […]

Fishing Report February 8, 2015

  Patience, Persistence and Warm Clothing Pays off With water temps ranging between the high 50s and low 60s, fishing our local waters is requiring patience, persistence and a lot of warm clothes. Strong winds from the north are cold and cause rough seas, which sometimes can make fishing feel more like a chore than […]

Fishing Report January 11, 2015

anna maria island fishing report february 2013

Hot fishing action in new year despite cold weather January fishing is proving to be productive in our local waters despite recent cold fronts. If you haven’t noticed, mild temperatures and calm waters are out numbering cold windy days and, although unexpected in January, we’ll take what we can get. I’m patrolling the beaches of […]