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Fishing Report February 14, 2018

Fog might put a damper on boating, but not fishing   Well, how about that fog? Yes, I was fortunate to have charters numerous days and go fishing in near-zero visibility. It’s not that the fog affects the fishing one way or the other, but it sure makes it hard to get around. And, remember, […]

Fishing Report November 15, 2017

Mild temps and calm waters result in hot fishing action Fall fishing around Anna Maria Island is getting better and better as we experience these mild temperatures and calm waters. As a result of the two cold fronts we’ve recently experienced, the waters have cooled down just enough to trigger fish to start feeding in […]

Fishing Report October 25, 2017

Fast-action species keep Anna Maria Island anglers busy   Fall fishing around Anna Maria Island is host to some fast-action species that are sure to keep local and visiting anglers occupied. While patrolling the beaches, I’m seeing schools of Spanish mackerel as close as 100 yards from the shore to about a mile of the […]

Fishing Report October 18, 2017

Fall fishing pattern starts up, seasonal species arrive Fishing around Anna Maria Island is holding into its fall pattern with the arrival of seasonal species. Kingfish are making a showing along the beaches of Anna Maria as well as the artificial reefs. Slow trolling large shiners or threadfin herring on a light wire rig is […]

Fishing Report October 11, 2017

Cooler weather forecast, great fishing to come   A slight drop in temperature around Anna Maria Island has local and visiting anglers anticipating some great fishing. Cool breezes and cooler water temps are finally settling into our coastal areas and with them comes a forecast for some great fishing. Snook are starting to meander back […]

Fishing Report October 4, 2017

Persistence, patience key players in catching keepers   Fishing around Anna Maria Island is now settling back to a normal September-like pattern. In fact, some areas are producing catches of 30–40 trout. That being said, a lot of the trout are coming in at 13-14 inches, which is just under slot. I am managing to […]

Fishing Report September 3, 2017

Crystal clear waters replaced by sweet water, fish don’t seem to mind   If you’re looking to go fish the crystal-clear waters surrounding Anna Maria Island, it’s not going to happen this week. Of course, you can go fishing, but as for the clear water, you may have to wait a little while for Lake […]

Fishing Report June 11, 2017

Heavy rains, windy conditions put damper on fishing action Well, it looks like its back to the old drawing board for anglers who plan fishing around Anna Maria Island this week. After numerous days of long-lasting thunderstorms and strong winds, fishing our local waters is proving to be nothing less than challenging. Murky water is […]

Fishing Report June 4, 2017

Weather heats up nearshore inshore fishing action Fishing around Anna Maria Island is finally falling into the true summertime pattern. Tarpon are finally — although a little late — making a fair showing. Numbers of fish are increasing by the day. Flats fishing for catch-and-release snook is proving to provide great action for inshore anglers. […]

Fishing Report May 28, 2017

Recent wind affecting number of silver king hookups   Despite much wind and a few thunderstorms, fishing around Anna Maria Island remains consistent. Tarpon is on most anglers agendas, although windy conditions is making it difficult to target them. Catches are occurring in the passes and along the beaches. Live crabs, threadfin herring and large […]